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Bike Fitting

It has become common knowledge that having your bike fitted to you is very important. Bike fitting can be great news for many different types of riders in different situations.

Maybe you are uncomfortable in the saddle on those 60 mile rides, maybe you want to squeeze out some extra Watts on your next time trial or maybe you have a history of injury and want to prevent a re-surface. There are three main benefits to be had from a well-fitted bike: Comfort, injury prevention and efficiency.

Here at Santos Bike Shop, we take an organic approach to bike fitting. We combine the experience and knowledge of our professional fitters alongside technology such as laser measuring tools to ensure each fit we do is precise, reliable, and suited to the rider.

We primarily do fits on road and time trial bikes but mountain bikes are also available for fittings. Whether you purchased the bike from us or it has been your trusty steed for many a year, you can be sure you brought it to the right place.

Types of Fittings

Enthusiast Fit - $39.99

This is the entry level fit for someone who is riding without clipless pedals and cleats. Fits take up to 40 minutes

Basic Fit - $99.99

This fit is for both road and mountain riders using clipless pedals as cleat adjustment is included. Usually takes an hour.

Advanced Fit - $149.99

This is the most detailed fit for racers and cyclists riding a lot of miles.