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Group Rides

We have a number of group rides that leave from the shop for both mountain and road. See below for the schedule to find a pace that suits you!








Trail Ride – 9am (Leisurely Pace – No Drop)

Road Ride – 4pm (Recovery Ride – No Drop) Leaves from Baseline.

Night Trail Ride – 6:30pm (A ride is a faster paced and more technical trails. B ride for slower less technical riders.) Both ride 1.5-2 hours

Road RideA, B, and C groups leave the shop at 6:00pm or leave the baseline Greenway parking lot at 6:30 p.m. (This ride is only March to October, due to time change.)

Trail Ride – leaves the shop 6:30 p.m. for more advanced riders riding the blue and red trails.

Winter Paved Trail Ride – leaves the shop at 6 pm.

Female Beginners Trail Ride – Leaves the shop at 6:00pm. No drop.

Road Ride B-pace – Group Ride leaves the shop at 7:30am