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January Clinic: Making a healthy start to the year 1/23/15 6:00PM

It’s the start of a new year, meaning fresh fitness and health goals for many of you out there! This month’s clinic is focused on how what you eat will affect your overall health and what you can do to monitor your health and body composition. There will be two sections to the clinic:


Guest Speakers:

Jacquelyn McMillen- Purium Health Products Director

Jacquelyn will be telling us about ‘Super Foods’ and how they can be of benefit to your health. She will also be demonstrating some products from Purium¬†both for enhancing general health and for athletic performance.

Body Analysis

Guest Speakers:

Tom Koubek- Good Better Best Health and Fitness, CPT

When setting goals for your fitness, it is essential to have a way of measuring your success so you can see what is effective for your body. Tom is a certified personal trainer who specializes in body composition analysis. Body composition analysis is an effective tool when measuring changes in your body. Tom will be bringing his equipment to the clinic and offering free reports to everyone who attends. The report will give you your BMI, body fat %, muscle mass along with other measures.


The clinic is located at the shop. Arrive at 6:00 for a 6:15 start. As always, food and beverages will be served!


We hope to see you there.