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Chris Fernandez

Chris has been the fearless leader of Santos Bike Shop since, 2010. As a father of 6 beautiful children, he knows how to run and ride circles around most of us! Whether he's on his road bike, mountain bike, or gravel bike, Chris is sure to be the glue that holds the group together. His warm and welcoming personality will always make you feel like part of the Santos family! Current bikes: Cannondale Scalpel, Santa Cruz Stigmata

Kymm Missick

A former long-distance runner and equestrian, and now endurance mountain bike racer, Kymm keeps the shop running smoothly. If you have questions about your purchases and special orders, Kymm will always know the answer. She also has great taste in music, which you hear playing in the store! Current bikes: Cannondale Scalpel SE, Giant Advanced Pro 1 TCR

Jack Martel

Jack recently retired from the USPS, but came back to the work force to join us. His distinguished grey hair and outgoing personality make him a favorite among customers. He's also a fantastic handyman and has made more than one emergency repair around the shop! Current bikes: Santa Cruz Blur, Giant Propel

Mike Phelps

Mike is our head mechanic and father figure. He's been here longer than any of us, and is our go-to guy for any challenging situation. He loves to share his knowledge of both the sales and service side of the business, and has been called "one of the best teachers" one could ever find.

Scott Hernandez

If you have a minute or two, Scott is the guy you want to talk to. His catalog of expertise in all things bike will continue to amaze you, but if that's not enough, he'll gladly move on to music. His instrument of choice, drums! Current bike: Cannondale Jeckyll

Joshua Paz Izquierdo

Josh is our resident professional racer and personal coach, he has encouraged nearly all of us to up our game when it comes to cycling and fitness. He's a fast rider, fast speaker (if it's in Spanish) and fast to make you laugh. Another native Puerto Rican, Josh has become a top notch mechanic for the Santos team. Current bikes: Santa Cruz Blur, Giant TCR

Chris Errico

Chris is our weekend warrior, wrenching for us on our busiest days. He's done lots of interesting things in his life, but has one really dark secret....he likes ping pong...a LOT. Current bikes: Cannondale Scalpel SE, Cannondale Moterra