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Santos Bike Shop Happy Hour 3/7/15 3-6pm

Hey. You like beer, right? Well, we like beer too. So much so that we have partnered up with New Belgium Brewing Company, creators of everyone’s favorite: Fat Tire Amber Ale. And what better way to celebrate our love of beer and cycling than to have a happy hour during the one and only Fat Tire Fest!

New-Belgium-BreweryOn Saturday 7th March from 3-6pm we will be hosting our very first happy hour. So what does a happy hour at a bike shop involve? Free beer is always a good place to start! To take part in the happy hour you will need to purchase a limited edition Santos Bike Shop-New Belgium pint glass for $5, $1 of which is a donation to our beloved trail keepers, OMBA. With your new pint glass, you will receive two free pints of Fat Tire Amber Ale. Pint glasses will be available for sale at the shop from Saturday 2/28 onwards right up until the event. We will also be selling our pint glasses at the Santos Bike Shop expo tent at the fat tire festival itself, so make sure you stop by, grab a glass and then head over to the shop! Glasses and beer are on a first come first serve basis, but we expect to have more than enough for everyone. Under 21s will be able to purchase glasses but will not receive the wrist band needed to redeem alcohol. Music and seating will be provided outside the store!